Development and implementation of modern systems for efficient service delivery of government and public institutions.


Development and implementation of modern systems for efficient service delivery of government and public institutions.

Applications made for people

Difficult access to government offices due to the island's vast dispersal is a difficulty that residents have had to face quite often. This might seem to be the end of the matter, but the problems went on. Once the residents reached these offices, the process took a long time. On the spot, they had to fill in the necessary documents, make payments and then wait for permits or certificates to be issued.

Tailor-made solutions

Are you wondering how we dealt with the difficulties of the State lying on islands? The foundation for success was the implementation of projects together with private investors who were responsible for financing them. With adequate resources, we were able to get on with creating applications that made life easier for islanders.

In more than 20 years, we have developed around 50 applications that have eased the burden on public administration systems across the state and made it incredibly easy for people to deal with various areas of life.

The complete package of possibilities

The e-GOV applications have made life easier for everyone. At the moment, it is difficult to identify a reason that would involve going to the office in person.

Without leaving home, residents can apply for a name change, manage the payment of taxes, renew professional licenses, rent space for mass or corporate events and purchase permits. In addition, in a few simple steps they will register a vehicle, boat or fish, identify the whereabouts of criminals and even conduct a death registration.

At a time when the world was facing a pandemic, the solutions introduced brought not only convenience but also safety.

See what customers say about us

"I have worked as partners with AIS for 10 years across 2 different companies. During that time we've built great software in the digital government space as well as the customer experience management space. We've built front end and back end, we've built in C#, Java, and JavaScript among others. AIS is always flexible in finding the right talent and crafting the right team structure for the mission at hand. They bring consistency and dedication in a way that makes us feel like our AIS partners are engaged and committed just as much as we are. Looking forward to 10 more years of collaboration!"

Marty Williams

Chief Information Officer | Service Management Group

“We at the Infact School have enjoyed a very friendly and professional working relationship with the AIS.pl team. They have a very knowledgeable team and were able to help find solution for us on every turn”

Esther Helga Gudmundsdottir MSc.

Director of the INFACT School - International School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment

"We have partnered with AIS very successfully for over 4 years. They have provided expert support for us across a wide range of projects, from core functionality in our main desktop application (python, angular and typescript), to machine learning applications in our iOS mobile app. In addition they have provided exceptional QA support for us across every part of our product from desktop to mobile, including flight testing our drones."

Jeremy Eastwood

Head of Engineering at DroneDeploy.com

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