Dedicated drone management software


Dedicated drone management software

Challenges to overcome

In the initial state of the project, we were dealing with a user who had virtually no ability to manage his organisation. In addition, the client was faced with limited capabilities and an unclear algorithm for charging for the use of the application.

Small changes - big effect

During the work we defined many roles within the organisation and implemented methods to coordinate them.

Depending on the needs, the user may gain the following roles: Owner, Admin, Analyst, Viewer, External User. For administrators, we have created a convenient panel to manage users within the organisation. This allows them to grant or revoke permissions for flying drones, loading maps and many other options.

The road we have travelled

The entire development process for the project took six months, and we worked in the form of two-week sprints. We know very well that precise implementation requires great attention. For this reason, we not only had a sensible approach to programming the functionalities, but above all we constantly made sure that the effects developed the project.

As part of the access to the map produced on the basis of the drone flight, we have created a separate system for granting rights. It defines three types of rights: Coordinator, Editor, Viewer. This approach has simplified and unified management of access to the created maps.

Thanks to the design and implementation of the Admin module, the client obtained a simple definition of roles and the ability to charge users on a clear basis.

See what customers say about us

"I have worked as partners with AIS for 10 years across 2 different companies. During that time we've built great software in the digital government space as well as the customer experience management space. We've built front end and back end, we've built in C#, Java, and JavaScript among others. AIS is always flexible in finding the right talent and crafting the right team structure for the mission at hand. They bring consistency and dedication in a way that makes us feel like our AIS partners are engaged and committed just as much as we are. Looking forward to 10 more years of collaboration!"

Marty Williams

Chief Information Officer | Service Management Group

“We at the Infact School have enjoyed a very friendly and professional working relationship with the AIS.pl team. They have a very knowledgeable team and were able to help find solution for us on every turn”

Esther Helga Gudmundsdottir MSc.

Director of the INFACT School - International School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment

"We have partnered with AIS very successfully for over 4 years. They have provided expert support for us across a wide range of projects, from core functionality in our main desktop application (python, angular and typescript), to machine learning applications in our iOS mobile app. In addition they have provided exceptional QA support for us across every part of our product from desktop to mobile, including flight testing our drones."

Jeremy Eastwood

Head of Engineering at DroneDeploy.com

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